Pogy 6 mos.

Here is a photo of our beautiful girl, Pogy. She wakes Ryan up with
kisses all over his face every morning! It’s such a special bond they have
Thank you!

Yarmouth ME, USA



Hi Anna!
Coco he is doing super good!
We love him so much!
Have a wonderful happy 2023 year!

ST-Clet, QC

Layla & Billie

Billie and Layla

Hi Anna,
You were right, Layla is a very good big sister. She takes care
of Billie. They are always together and play all day long.
Billie is a very good puppy. She loves everyone (specially the cat)
and do really good on car rides.
You really have the best dogs !!!
Coteau-du-Luc, QC



Bear photo at 1 year old Nov 21st,2022

Hi Anna,

I years old today! Bear is wonderful, full of energy and everyone
best friend. He still likes to steal my daughters toys and make
some holes in my grass but it’s ok as he is harmless and gentle
to everyone. We love and are very grateful for his presence
everyday. Here is a picture of him today on his 1 year birthday.
Thank you.
Mike Bohbot
Chatillon, QC


Gypsy 1

Hi Anna,
Hope all is well, Gypsy is now 10 months old and full of energy. She is full of energy and so extremely lovable. Everyone is happy 😊
Steven & Aurélie
Coteau Du Lac, QC




We wanted to send you some pictures of Penny. She is doing so
amazing and we love her so much!! She is about 40 pounds and loves to play
with her friends and in the snow.

Tory and Avi
Montreal, QC



Hi Anna,
We wanted to let you know that Luva is doing well and fitting into our home and she seems very comfortable. She has taken to her crate well and loves to run in our backyard.  We are working on walking on a leash and she is starting some private puppy classes today.
Thank you so much for our beautiful girl. We love her so much!

Shannon and Rob
Gatineau, Quebec

Izzy and Seve

Izzy and Seve

Hi Anna,

Happy new year.
Here are Izzy and Seve. Izzy is on the right and Seve on the left. Izzy is 14 years old and 8 months and the most loving and kind dog in the whole wide world. Seve, the new arrival, is 2 years and 8 months now and is full of fun and energy.

I just love my both my girls so very much and am grateful to you.

Thank you,

St. Catharines, Ontario

Suka and Lua

Suka 1  Lua and Suka


Hello, hope you are well. Lua is a wonderful dog and we are completely in love with her and Suka.
Thank you so much!

Sudbury, ON


Moby 1   Moby

Hi Anna!

I hope all is well with you and your furry babies!
Moby he is gorgeous and we love him so much! 🥰


Donna, Tony
Kirkland, QC

Turco and Elly

Turco and Elly

Hi Anna,
I love them so much.  Thank you!
Nilgun Gumus
Ottawa, Ontario


Mel picture April 2021

Hi Anna,
We hope you and your family are well!
Just to let you know Mel is doing great and we love her. She is
growing, beautiful and she is simply wonderful ❤️
Toronto, ON

Farrah and Bowie’s Brother

Farrah and Bowie's brother March, 2021

Hi Anna,
I trust you and your family are well. I wanted to share a recent photo, and let you know that Farrah has been an amazing addition to the family. She loves her big brother more than I can describe; and Bowie reciprocates and constantly indulges her incessant biting and jumping :). They’re both amazing pups and have brought so much love into our home.
Howard Greenspoon and Natalie
Westmount, QC



Hi Anna
I thought you would like to see a recent picture of Bowie, just after his first grooming. Natalie and I are completely in love with our not-so-little puppy. He’s smart, kind-hearted, full of energy, and SO Beautiful!
Howard Greenspoon
Westmount, QC


Tally Dec 2020 pict

Hi Anna,
Here’s the latest picture of Tally after going to the groomer today. She sure is cute!!!


Eric and Corinne
Rosemere, QC




Finnigan (2)

Hi Anna
Our puppy has settled in very well and we couldn’t be happier. He is very loved. We adore him💙 thank you so much .

Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC





Hi Anna
As promised, some pics of Maisy.

Rosemere, QC




‎Hi Anna,
Milo is doing so amazing. We love him so much.
Jonas and Jennifer
Toronto, ON




Hi Anna,
Thank you so much for our sweet boy. He fits perfectly. Snuggles
right up to all of us.
Winnipeg, MB


Bailey   Bailey Jan 2020


We had a great first week with Bailey and she is adjusting to life with our family very well. Happy Canada Day! Bailey is doing great – she is 35 pounds now and was spayed. We love her:)
Carla Benish
Kanata, ON


Fynn Jan 28th, 2020

Hi Anna,
Fynn loves the snow as you can see and is doing well here in Chelsea. He sleeps through the night, is crated happily at night and for half days while we work (we come home at lunch), is completely house broken. We love him and wanted you to see how beautiful Nyota’s boy is.
Naomi and Franck
Chelsea, QC

Gia & Abby

Gia & Abby   Gia

Hi Anna,
I can’t believe she’s already 1 yr. She’s fun, smart, playful, sweet, and loves my other dog Abby… they play & get along well as you can see 🙂 We truly love her. Thank you
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC




Hi Anna
Hope all is well. Our little Oscar is really a good boy and seems to be very happy. I’ve attached a picture for you 🙂
Wishing you a great day!
Luskville, QC



Hi Anna,

Wanted to give you an update on Rafael.
First of all, he is doing great! During his first night home, he slept in his crate so soundly that Carlos woke up at 4am to check on him. He just couldn’t believe that such a young puppy was sleeping through the night!! We also started putting him in the lake on day one…..at first he was not impressed and would run away from us once he reached shore. We took him with on holiday to Windsor and Toronto the second week we had him. He got to swim in Lake Erie and rode a body board near shore. After two weeks on holiday with us, we bonded well and now when we put him in the lake, he trusts us completely. He puts his little face in the water and blows bubbles out of his nose. 🙂 He loves running through tall grass and the flow of his hair makes him look like a rock star!!
We LOVE him so much. He has seamlessly joined our family and he fits right in.
Warm regards,
Angela and Carlos Aguiar
Timmins, ON



Hi Anna,
Wanted to send you a photo of Olaf in his new home. He is adapting well.  Here is Olaf at 3 months. He starts puppy obedience classes.

Gwyn Jalbert
Kitchener, ON

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