Fynn   Fynn swim in a lake

Just wanted to let you know how well Fynn is doing at 7 months! He is a great puppy even though he still loves to chew our hands sometimes. Crate training and potty training went so well, he loves walks and is amazing off leash!! He loves to swim and is happy in a lake, the river or a mud puddle! He is a very social dog and loves to play and run with other puppies. Thank you so much for our little boy!

Stephanie & Donny
Ottawa, ON

Guinness and Older dog Farley!

Guinness and Farley - Older dog!

Hi Anna,
Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much we are enjoying Guinness. He is full of energy and is as smart as a whip. He’s definitely a water dog – he is constantly wandering into the lake at our cottage!
Here is a picture of Guinness with our older dog, Farley (cockerspaniel/poodle mix). They are becoming good friends, although it’s hard for Farley to keep up with the energy of a puppy.
Thanks again,

Ottawa, ON



Hi Anna,
I thought I would let you know that Penny is well and is enjoying life and our family. She is a confident and curious pup who loves the outdoors and moves at warp speed for most of the day. We love her.

Ottawa, ON



Good day Anna!

Lexie is very active and friendly. She welcomes all the attention. She
loves to eat and fetch. She was strutting around the house like a model!
Everyone comments on how soft she is.

Have a great day!

Long Sault, Ontario


I just wanted to give you an update on Piper. She is doing extremely well. She’s the top of her class at puppy training. Where ever I go she gets all the attention. She is good with my grandkids and loves going for walks. My vet adores her.. She is such a smart dog and loves to please. Her puppy training is coming to an end. One more class to go and she will graduate from her second level. She is the clown of the class and has made so many friends. I just love her to pieces. I am looking for more advance training for her in my area.
Thank you again.

Embrun, Ontario


Bette   Bette enjoys water!

Hi Anna,
Bette is 4 months old and active and loves people. She likes the dog park nearby and likes to go for walks on the Lachine Canal. She plays and romps on the snow and even enjoys the rain and is very tolerant to cold weather.Bette truly enjoys the warm water at the cottage. She swims further each day and retrieved a dead perch from the lake last week. She has neighbour friends that she plays with and has an ability to fetch and distinguish different toys….smart puppy  You are doing an amazing job and keep up the good work.
Sydney J. Smith
Montreal, QC

Molly and Max

Molly and Max

Hi Anna,
Hope you are well. Molly is doing very well. Molly is an amazing dog. Great character, great temperament. She has lots of fun with Max. They play and run around all the time. She follows him everywhere. She is already taller than him. Her favourite place to sleep is on my lap.
Best regards,
Pointe-Claire, QC



Maggie is great, here she is on her morning routine.

Larry and Beth,
Hudson, QC

Tia and Bri

Tia and Bri

Hi Anna,
I hope you are well. Here is a photo of our girls Tia and Bri!
So glad to have them. They are wonderful, intelligent beings!
Love your dogs…
Ottawa, ON



Hi Anna

We are beyond happy with Bosco. He adapted to his crate and toilet training
very quickly. He has a sunny temperament but can be stubborn at times. He
also has a sense of humour! What a character he has. As you can see he loves
being in the car, especially if going to a dog park for off leash time.

Brenda and Jeff
Ottawa, ON


Hi Anna,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to update you about Chester
He is doing really well and has adjusted into our lifestyle with no issues.
We enjoyed our first Christmas together & even took Chester to see Santa!
We honestly cannot remember the time when we didn’t have him
around, he is the perfect addition to our family.
We took him to puppy classes & he has learnt all of
the basic commands. We took a break over the holidays
but plan on taking him for some more classes soon to improve
his skills. He loves playing fetch with his frisbee in the snow.

He always brings us something when he first sees us, he even
goes back in the kitchen if he forgot to pick something up. It’s very cute!

Many Thanks,
Matt and Amy,
Nepean, ON



Dear Anna:
Mia is doing very well. She is an adorable dog and fits so well in the family. She has grown a lot, she weighs 40 lbs, she loves the outdoor and goes for long walk morning, afternoon and evening either with my daughter and husband or with the children. She enjoys so much Winter that she can stay for hours in the backyard. And, she loves to catch and play with the hockey puck when the children are playing in the rink that my son-in-law is building every Winter!!
Anne Lefier & Beatrice Partington
Ottawa, ON

Han Solo

Han Solo

Hi Anna,
I can’t believe Han Solo turns 1 year old today! Time flies! He is a very happy & healthy puppy, a real joy. He loves swimming in the lake at the cottage and chasing squirrels in the park.

Jeff & Han Solo,
Ottawa, ON

Rossie and Murphy

Rosie   Rosie and Murphy

Hi Anna
Rosie is doing great, goes for walks I should say runs everyone who sees her thinks she’s so beautiful. Leo does the evening walk says everyone knows Rosie we are really happy since she came into our life keeps us on our toes thanks again. They are great going to obedience school in St Lazard.   Thank you again for making us so happy love these puppies so much.
Notre Dame Ile Perrot, QC



Jetty and Kasey

Jetty and Kasey


Hi Anna,

Jetty is loving the beach and the boat     She and cousin Kasey (1.5 yrs. Brittany Spaniel) are having lots of fun chasing each other and well adjusted.She is a joy and keeps me active.


Charlottetown, PE



Hi Anna,

Bisco has settled right in and is loving life at camp. She is getting more and more adventurous in the lake and has already been sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding! She is well socialized with literally dozens of campers hugging her all day long!
We love her! She’s a little soggy in this picture after jumping in the lake!!

Sarah and Dennis,

Ottawa, ON






Hi Anna,
We adopted Molly from you – she was born May 22, 2011. We are thrilled with her
and would like to get her a little sister. Her temperament and loving nature are just what we want.
Sharon D’Andrea,
Kitchener, ON

Lucy & Libby

Lucy & Libby   Libby 2


Hi Anna
Here are two cute pics of the two I thought I would send to you. Libby is an absolute sweetheart and her and Lucy get along really well. So happy she is a part of the family.
Jim & Brook
San Francisco, CA USA

Lola and 16 year Old Cat

Lola and 16 Year Old Cat


Lola had a great first week in our house, she’s a big fan of Mallie
our Cocker and follow her around inside and out also a big fan of our 16 year old cat
who seems to love her, she follows us around all the time.
We love her, she’s a good dog.
Vaudreuil, QC

Ze and Bee

Ze  Bee

Hello Anna,
Hope you’re doing well. Here attached are a couple of pictures of Ze and Bee.
They are the most wonderful dogs in the world.

J Palma
Brossard, QC



Hello Anna,
It’s hard to believe that Otter is nearly 12 months old!  She is an active healthy dog who
still acts the puppy much of the time but that is part of her wonderful personality.
She quickly became part of our family – maybe the centre of our family is a more accurate description.
She has graduated from two training courses and at times she can be extremely
well-behaved but the stubborn, carefree puppy is never far away.  She has energy to spare
despite the fact that we take her out for walks and runs in the woods several times a day.
She loves the water but is a reluctant swimmer. That’s all for now.
All our best,

Tanya and Paul
Cornwall, ON




Hey Anna,
I want to tell you just how wonderful Bali is. Adopting him was the best decision ever!
I am just so in love, as is everyone else who meets him. He has a team of sitters
who just love any chance to hang out with him. The amount of smiles that he has
put on strangers’ faces are too many for me to keep track of. Yes he gets wild as a
puppy does, but for every hole in my lululemon pants there are thousands
of times that he has made me laugh and just feel so happy. Everyone asks me
where I got him.  I already know that I will adopt another in the future for him to
have a buddy. Right now I am enjoying him every moment and we
are starting obedience classes next week. Thank you Anna for everything!

Lachine, QC

Myah with her Friend Gus – He is blind

Myah   Myah with her Friend Gus

Hi.   Myah is fitting in well. She enjoys the water. We have a kiddie pool for her.
Lots of training.  She’s a real sweetie!! She gets along quite well with our blind pug Gus.
Bed sharing during the day and their own kennel at night.
Myah had her first swim in the Rideau river. Followed another dog into the
water playing and swimming. She loved it. Loves to fetch and enjoys the frisbee.
Myah enjoys a couple of lengthy walks a day and an off leash play also
Myah has successfully completed puppy kindergarten.
Mike Marlene Myah and Gus
Orleans, ON


Peri and the Boy

Peri   Peri and his Friend

Hi Anna!
Just thought we’d let you know how Peri is doing (Silverado/Roxy litter October 24 2014).
He’s completed two levels of obedience, an intro to agility and is now enrolled in
Dock Diving classes! He’s a social butterfly who loves being around other dogs and
meeting new people. He is also quite the character and always finds a way to
make people laugh at his antics. One of Peri’s favourite things to do is to carry
around his stuffed animals – and even tries to take them with him on his walks!

He has been an amazing playmate and companion for our 10 year old.
Definitely the brother he never had!

Tracey, Dave and Liam Tinley
Riverside South – Ottawa



Hello Anna,
Moka is working in our special needs class since we have her (puppy).
She’s now 1 and a half and every kids and teenager in the school love her.  She’s plenty
of joy, calm. like to be pet and sportive.  That’s a success for the school Gisele-Lalonde.
She is the best dog ever!  She is doing zootherapy with the autistic students.

Casselman, Ontario

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